David John Oates is a Guest of Honor – Lectures on Reverse Speech before the British Psychological Society


  David discusses his lecture on Reverse Speech before the British Psychological Society on the second hour of the 5/10/14 Sedona Dreams Show. Our first hour Guest was ill and was unable to appear. Please skip forward to the second hour.


Photo of David John Oates © Sedona Dreams 2010


George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Reverse Speech Practitioner Students Dina Patel and Ingrid Collins

First Hour: Reverse Speech Practitioner students Dina Patel and Ingrid Collins discuss some of the most interesting aspects of their studies of the theory and applications of Reverse Speech. Dina talks about how her personal experience with the effectiveness of RS Technology led her to the formal study of Reverse Speech. Ingrid is a Psychologist and Spiritual Healer. She reveals how Reverse Speech Technology goes beyond what is possible with traditional Psychology. Second Hour: David John Oates: John Kerry and John Mccain reversals:




Reverse Speech Expert Jack Johnston Returns To The Sedona Dreams Show For A Two Hour Interview

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Jack Johnston, M.A. Psychology, is a Certified Reverse Speech Practitioner and Teacher.




Jack has used Reverse Speech Technology to help free innocent people falsely accused of crimes —

and to find the real criminals: http://subliminalspeechanalysis.com/

George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Jack Johnston: 


David John Oates Announces New Reverse Speech App.

Tune in to the Sedona Dreams Show on the Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 PM Pacific Time to hear interviews about Reverse Speech.

Tune in to the Sedona Dreams Show on the Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 PM Pacific Time to hear interviews about Reverse Speech.  

David John Oates Releases Reverse Speech App



David John Oates, world renowned Founder of Reverse Speech, has announced the release of his long-awaited Reverse Speech App. This exciting new product puts the stunning power of Reverse Speech in the hands of anyone who has an iPhone…anywhere on the planet.  The Reverse Speech App is packed with amazing features including Instant Forward and Reverse, Speed Control, Cropping Functions and a Sharing feature just to name a few. The app is available for the iPhone right now and will soon be released for all iPad owners.  The brand new Reverse Speech App ‘Basic’ version is completely FREE and you can immediately upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version for only $4.99 if you wish.  This two-tiered structure places the unmatched power of Reverse Speech in the hands of everyone, right now.  You can instantly record your friends or co-workers, politicians or media figures and listen backwards to hear what they REALLY think about what they are saying forwards!  Come up with some good Reversals?  You can send them directly to Reverse Speech.com with the touch of a key and put your reversal in the running for our Reversal Of The Week contest.  Full details can be found by going to http://www.ireversespeech.com.
David John Oates
Founder of Reverse Speech



George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Certified Reverse Speech Practitioner & Teacher Jack Johnston on the 1/18/14 Sedona Dreams Show

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Jack Johnston, M.A. Psychology, CRSP, & CRST has used Reverse Speech Technology to help free innocent people falsely accused of crimes. 




In the first hour, Robert William Usher, Astrologer: http://www.robertwilliamusher.com/  

In the second hour, Jack Johnston: http://www.subliminalspeechanalysis.com/  


Jack Johnston received his BA in French from Pomona College, Claremont California which included a Junior Year in Paris studying with Professor Jacques Filliolet one of the top Psycholinguistics- and Phonetics Scholars in France.
He received his Masters Degree in Psychology from the California School for Professional Psychology (“CSPP”) San Francisco – a school founded by a former President of the American Psychological Association with the expressed purpose of providing intensive clinical training practicum throughout the graduate program.
Jack studied an additional year at CSPP and served as a Special Training Assistant to Dr. Nancy Maihoff, the Department Chair of Statistics and Research Design.
Subsequently, Jack continued acquiring Clinical experience in the field, working in the East Oakland California ghetto area under clinical tutelage by Dr. Dan Considine, a Ph. D. in Psychology and Senior Probation Officer and Senior Clinical Training Officer in the Alameda County Juvenile Probation Department.
In 1996 Jack heard David Oates interviewed by Art Bell on several occasions.
Upon hearing David’s exposition of his discovery of Reverse Speech and his development of its clinical use, Jack contacted him and relocated to Southern California to begin intensive training and ultimate certification by David as the only person to date being awarded the coveted Reverse Speech Analysis Certifying Trainer diploma, permitting him to train and certify Reverse Speech Analysts through the Practitioner level.
Since that time Jack has conducted a private practice in Reverse Speech consultation and training, using his trademarked brand of Subliminal Speech Analysis™.
His practice concentrates on working with criminal defense attorneys, providing otherwise inaccessible leads to specific admissible evidence. 
He also consults corporate senior management and owners as well as private individuals.
He has just launched a new website which may be reached at subspeech.com. Jack welcomes inquiries by anyone, anywhere in the world.
While consulting an attorney in a criminal defense case, in one reversal, Jack found a specific name and action that led him to urge DNA analysis of the crime scene evidence. The state police lab results subsequently corroborated Jack’s hypothesis, and as a result all charges against the two young men were dropped.


George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Reverse Speech Pioneer Greg Albrecht on the Sedona Dreams Show


11/09/13 First Hour: The Yin and Yang of Reverse and Forward  Speech: Speech Complementarity. Greg Albrecht: (Here)  – a pioneer of Reverse Speech –

discusses his work with the legendary discoverer of Reverse Speech, David John Oates, as well as his own contributions to the theory of Speech Complementarity: (Here)

 Second Hour: David John Oates – Metaphors in Reverse Speech: reversespeech.com




Beyond All Reasonable Doubt: Reverse Speech Solves JonBenet Ramsey Case!










Sedona Dreams 11/02/13:

First Hour: Astrologer Rob Usher – The U.S. Natal Chart

Second Hour: David John Oates at his very best – Using Reverse Speech to crack tough criminal cases: 

Interview on Sedona Dreams archives 11/02/13: 


George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Jane Gyorgy and David John Oates on the Sedona Dreams Show

 th-39-1First Hour with Jane Gyorgy (oysterzone.org):

Jane Gyorgy separates fact from fiction in the government smear campaign to destroy the Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm: oysterzone.org provides a forum which reveals a shocking pattern of government misconduct and lies.

 Jane Gyorgy on the Sedona Dreams show 10/26/13: 

Second Hour with David John Oates (reversespeech.com): The Satanic Reversals: 





John McCain’s Satanic Reversal says, “Sell, Satan, Sell.”.




George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Dowsers Judy Lavine & Sandee Mac on the Sedona Dreams Show

First Hour: American Society of Dowsers member Judy Lavine (left) discusses dowsing and health: judylavine.com.
ASD President Sandee Mac (right) discusses scientific proof of the dowsing state of mind dowsers.org            arizonadowsers.com.
Interviews in the Sedona Dreams archives 9/28/13: 
Tune in to the Sedona Dreams Show on the Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 PM Pacific Time to hear interviews about Reverse Speech.

Tune in to the Sedona Dreams Show on the Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 PM Pacific Time to hear interviews about Reverse Speech.




Second Hour: Reverse Speech with David John Oates: Proof that the unconscious mind can predict future outcomes reversespeech.com






A special thanks to our loyal listeners like Jesse Lee Pederson. You make all the work worth it.  George Whitehurst Berry 

Applications of Reverse Speech Technology to Alternative Media & Mass Media



George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora

George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora


by     George Whitehurst Berry

Reverse Speech Technology is particularly suited to applications in alternative – as well as “mainstream”  - media to determine the degree of candor – or lack thereof – of proponents of ideas which might differ from that of the industry-funded “scientific” majority, as well as the probable veracity – or lack thereof – of industry-funded spokespeople whose revenue is derived from the very sources they are supposedly publishing “neutral”, “scientific” studies about. As Dr. Henry Bauer says, “Follow the money trail”: (Here)

In evaluating claims like those in the notorious Wikipedia article stating – as if it were a fact – that Reverse Speech is a “pseudoscience”, we need to become less like Watson, and more like Sherlock Holmes: (Here)

From 2007 until 2012, I had the pleasure of hosting a talk show in which alternative viewpoints and theories were aired.

During that time, I was able to interview some of the nation’s top scientists, journalists, and others whose ideas were built on rock-solid foundations – but whose conclusions might not be the most conducive to maintaining & increasing the immense revenue streams of drug companies, the allopathic medical establishment, the huge diet soda industry, etc. The brave individuals who dare to speak out risk having their reputations smeared, losing their jobs, losing research grants – OR WORSE – while those who play ball with big pharma, the aspartame industry, etc. are richly rewarded.

David John Oates, the legendary discoverer of Reverse Speech Technology, was a regular guest on my talk show for years. Just as David has urged the self-styled “mainstream scientific community” TO BE SCIENTIFIC in their evaluation of Reverse Speech Technology, so to have many top-flight scientists and independent thinkers fought their own battles to allow TRULY ALTERNATIVE and SCIENTIFIC viewpoints to be aired and objectively discussed.

A good example of this is in my interview with the late Andreas Moritz about his book, CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE – ITS A SURVIVAL MECHANISM. The “establishment” approach to cancer is the “slash and burn” of surgery and chemotherapy. The standard “alternative” approach is to “fight the cancer” with herbs, etc., rather than toxic drugs – yet this approach still presupposes the establishment’s germ theory of disease. Moritz’ perspective is TRULY alternative, and does NOT allow the “establishment” or the standard “alternative” medicine approach to frame issue in terms of the germ theory if disease. Today, Pasteur’s theories are taught in universities as if they were “facts”, while those of Bechamp are almost never given a fair hearing. Does the human body know what it it is doing when responding to acid-forming foods in the modern diet, or do the advocates of toxic drugs and radiation have all the answers? You decide:  (Here)

What will the Reversals tell us about the sincerity – or lack thereof – of the late Andreas Moritz? If the Reversals are CONGRUENT with the Forward Speech, we can conclude that the speaker is sincere. If they are INCONGRUENT, we can conclude that the speaker has ulterior motives.

Since the unconscious mind CANNOT LIE, no matter what a criminal, preacher, or politician, for example, is saying in his or her Forward Speech, the Truth will always come out in Reverse Speech. As the interview is beginning, I ask Andreas, “What did you mean when you said, “It makes no more sense to say that germs CAUSE disease than to say that flies CAUSE garbage”? Andreas’ Reversal is CONGRUENT with his Forward Speech. The Reversal says, “There is a story.” – the STORY is the TRUTH about the UTTER INSANITY of the so-called germ theory of disease and how Pasteur ADMITTED HE WAS WRONG on his death bed. Moritz – There is a story [You're absolutely right]

In the following Reversal, we hear the Metaphor EVE. The Unconscious Mind thinks in Metaphors. In his Forward Speech, Andreas discusses WHY the body raises blood pressure (the body has a LOGIC and a WISDOM) – and how improper eating habits can result in TOXIC conditions. The Congruent Reversal says, “Eve felt worse.”: Moritz – Eve felt worse [to what we eat]

Now let us look at what David John Oates’ Metaphor Dictionary says about the Metaphor “Eve”:

EVE(Structural) see Adam; the spiritually matured, emotionally stable strong woman; perfect woman; as in Adam and Eve; the spiritual woman; innocence.Trance image. Tall, attractive woman in the Garden Of Eden, usually brunette with moderate build.

“Eve felt worse”  We lose our innocence, and we feel worse – because both our body and our spirit suffer when we violate Nature’s Laws. The germ theory of disease views nature’s laws as the enemy instead of trying to live in harmony with those laws – and Eve suffers.

Another Expansive Congruent Reversal about the “Miracle liver & gallbladder cleanse” With the “Miracle liver & gallbladder cleanse”, the bile ducts are opened, and food can once again be properly digested. The miracle liver & gallbladder cleanse is the ICEBREAKER. : Moritz – It’s good on ice

In the Metaphor Dictionary, “Ice” is defined thus:

ICE (Structural) see Frost, Cold; to freeze over or completely disassociate, lack of emotions, the touch of death. Trance image; Ice

The inability to properly digest our food brings us closer & closer to “the touch of death”.  The Miracle cleanse helps to reverse this process.

This Expansive Congruent Reversal says “Eve opened it.” Expansive Reversals are Reversals which add extra information to the Forward Speech. Toxins in the body and the inability to digest our food pollute our inner Garden of Eden. However, with the Miracle Cleanse, bile ducts are OPENED. Our pristine state is restored. Thus, EVE OPENED IT.  On a Spiritual Level, we return to the Garden of Eden as well :  Moritz – Eve opened it [then the body]

Yet another Congruent Reversal in my “Cancer is not a disease – it is a survival mechanism” interview: Andreas’ Reversal says, “See the lost image”: Moritz – See the lost image [ the metabolism]

My own Reversals in the interview are Congruent as well. For example, “He’s the expert – has Milk.” He (Andreas) is the expert who reveals the Truth about the nature of cancer. In the Miracle Liver and gallbladder cleanse, the bile ducts are OPENED: “EVE opened it”, and the healing feminine energy of MILK flows. David John Oates’ Metaphor Dictionary defines “Milk” thus: MILK (Structural) nourishment; healing; nurturing; female energy; the essence of femininity. Trance image; milk. EVE now feels BETTER. The feminine energy of EVE is now healthy, stable, and strong again. Thus, we are now healthy, stable, and strong again. Our health is restored on  physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. We are once more in the Garden of Eden, living in harmony with Nature’s Laws. Moritz – G – He’s the expert – has Milk [cleanse after]

A truly Alternative Media Talk Show should be just that: ALTERNATIVE. This means not allowing those who might have an agenda to set false frames around issues.

For example, is Reverse Speech a “pseudoscience” just because someone wrote an article in Wikipedia? (Here)

Note that the Wikipedia article was not written by anyone who has engaged in a formal study of the subject with David John Oates, the discoverer of Reverse Speech. The author of the article has never passed the rigorous criteria to be a Reverse Speech Investigator, Analyst, or Practitioner.

The Wikipedia article states: “Most academics in the field of linguistics have not paid attention to Oates’ work,[6] and it has been called a pseudoscience.[1][2] For the most part, universities and research institutes have refused to test Oates’ theories because of a lack of theoretical basis to make his predictions even worth testing, and the fact that many of his claims are untestable,[2][3][7] …”       

Yet the VERY SAME Wikipedia article previously states: “Oates’ claim is that, on average, once in every 15–20 seconds of casual conversation a person produces two related sentences—a “forward-spoken” message that is heard consciously, and a “backwards” message unconsciously embedded in the person’s speech. These two modes of speech, forward and backward, are supposedly dependent upon each other and form an integral part of human communication. In the dynamics of interpersonal communication both modes of speech combine to communicate the total psyche of the person, conscious as well as unconscious. Oates claims that backward speech is always honest and reveals the truth about the speaker’s intentions and motivations.[4] …”

Will the REAL Wikipedia article please stand up! Since David John Oates’ web site, www.reversespeech.com, contains HUNDREDS of examples of reversals which either do or do not meet the criteria as stated in the Wikipedia article for the theory of Reverse Speech, how could anyone say they have not been tested because they are “untestable”? In addition, how could anyone say the theory of Reverse Speech is “untestable” when he or she has never even tried to test it?

The Wikipedia article continues: “Others have criticized “reverse speech” as lacking a rigorous methodology and not being informed by an understanding of issues in linguistics,…” In fact, anyone who has taken David’s courses knows that the criteria for documenting reversals is VERY strict, and the tests are VERY language-specific:

Seven checkpoints:

1.       Is the syllable count of the entire phrase correct? i.e. is it as it would be in normal speech

2.      Are the vowel and consonant sounds in each syllable clear and precise?

3.      Are the beginnings and endings of words clearly defines and distinguishable?

4.      Are the spacings sufficient between each word, so that it is clearly distinguishable form other words in the reversal?

5.      Is the reversed phrase distinct from the surrounding gibberish?

6.      Does the entire phrase have a continuous, melodious tonal flow from beginning to end?

7.      Does the phrase have a definite, constant beat or tempo from beginning to end?

Furthermore, David has studied – and has been certified in the linguistic study of NLP whereas those who criticize David as “ not being informed by an understanding of issues in linguistics…” have NEVER formally studied Reverse Speech!

Types of Reversals:

Congruent – these agree with and confirm the forward dialogue

Incongruent – these directly contradict what has been said forwards

Expansive – which add extra information to the forward speech

External dialogue – these reversal directly speak to another person

Internal dialogue – reflect internal thought processes both conscious and unconscious giving us a clear insight into the psyche as it organizes behaviour and gives instruction and self analysis.

Trail and Lead reversals – in this case the reversal appears either after or before discussion in forward speech

Future tense reversals – that predict a future event or behavioural outcome in a persons’ life

Comparative reversals – these can be confusing at first because they may seem to be irrelevant to the forward dialogue. This is because they will refer to another subject or event that involves similar emotions to those being spoken about forwards

Is the author of the infamous Wikipedia RS article UNAWARE of the following post by an individual with a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics on reversespeech.com …

or does he KNOW ABOUT IT and choose not to reveal it?: (Here) 

In the height of irony, this dogmatic Wikipedia article which reads more like a lawyer’s brief than a neutral, impartial attempt to bring out different points of view then states: “Because of the “dogmatic” tone of Oates’ material, reverse speech has been compared to “fringe literature.” Res Ipsa Loquitur

I believe that the person best qualified to write a Wikipedia article about Reverse Speech would be the man who has researched the subject for decades – David John Oates. Skeptics would be welcome, and differing points of view would be presented. That is the essence of the TRUE scientific spirit.

Tune in to the Sedona Dreams Show on the Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 PM Pacific Time to hear interviews about Reverse Speech.

Tune in to the Sedona Dreams Show on the Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 PM Pacific Time to hear interviews about Reverse Speech.

Because of the pioneering efforts of David John Oates, a new dimension has been added to the scientific exploration of the Unconscious Mind. For the first time, it is possible for the Conscious Mind to understand the precise metaphoric language of the Unconscious Mind. Reverse Speech Practitioners can now understand what the Unconscious Mind is saying, and communicate directly with the Unconscious Mind using the Unconscious Mind’s own metaphors.

One of the most informative, interesting, and rewarding series of interviews I have ever had the pleasure of doing was with Dr. Woodrow C. Monte. Dr. Monte has, I believe, discovered the true cause of M.S., Alzheimer’s, and a host of other so-called “Diseases of Civilization: (Here)

What do David John Oates, Dr. Woodrow C. Monte, Andreas Moritz, and ancient Rome’s greatest orator Cicero have in common? They have all dared to think outside the box. Whenever you hear or read the industry-funded position, always ask the question that Cicero asked when an innocent man was falsely accused of murder, and the real murderer was enriching himself by stealing the property of the accused: “CUI BONO?”.

The large portion of the American public who believe, without question, whatever the mass media “reports” to them – or what the allopathic-medical-drug industry states are scientific “facts” – or what a Wikipedia article written by an individual with no formal training in Reverse Speech states about Reverse Speech – would do well to heed Cicero’s words. They are just as true today as they were when he spoke them centuries ago: (Here)

Imagine!: If David John Oates’ theory of Reverse Speech is correct, it means that the Unconscious Mind can pinpoint mental blocks and harmful patterns, and even provide the precise metaphors to heal them – all WITHOUT expensive, toxic drugs. Psychiatrists and drug companies could lose $Billions. CUI BONO! If Andreas Moritz’ theory about cancer is correct, it could spell doom for the $Billions raked in by the Cancer Industry. CUI BONO! If Dr. Monte’s theory of the True Cause of M.S. and Alzheimer’s is correct, making simple dietary and lifestyle changes could ELIMINATE the sources of these diseases, costing drug companies and the entire MS and Alzheimer’s Sick-Care Industry $Billions. CUI BONO!

Dr. Monte interviews: Part 1: Dr. Woodrow C. Monte 1    Part 2: Dr. Woodrow C. Monte 2

In Part one in the first segment, from the beginning of the interview to the bumper music going into the first break, we have the following reversals. In the Forward Speech, Dr. Monte and I are discussing his dvd,

Solving the Mystery of Multiple Sclerosis: Is your Diet Secretly Poisoning You?: (Here)

Dr. Monte’s External Command Reversal: “End it now.” : Monte- End it now

— is followed by this exchange of Reversals: Just as we are going into the break, I say, “This thing overlooked.” Dr. Monte responds, “Yep it’s ended”. (Dr. Monte has found the  OVERLOOKED solution to THE MYSTERY OF MS. The MYSTERY is ENDED!):

Monte- George This thing overlooked Woodrow- Yep, its ended

These Reversals are congruent with the Forward Speech, and indicate excellent rapport on an unconscious level between me and Dr. Monte. I would urge the readers of this article to read Dr. Monte’s book and watch his dvd. I believe they are bad news for the  multi-$$$ billions in drug company & related industry revenues, as well as the aspartame industry – but good news for us. All of Dr. Monte’s Reversals that I detected were congruent with his Forward Speech. This powerful Reversal, “Healing that Wolf” demonstrates Dr. Monte’s sincerity, compassion, and joy at helping others. In his Forward Speech, Dr. Monte is talking about preparing a presentation for an MS Society in New Zealand, and says he is really happy with that.  :

Monte- Healing that Wolf [so I'm really]

David John Oates’ Metaphor Dictionary defines “Wolf” thus:

“WOLF (Structural) prime central metaphor; see Shewolf, Werewolf; the part of personality that is the hunter & protector of the Psyche; prime motivator behind behavior; the state of the Wolf metaphor directly influences success and control of life; ones ability to be self motivated and firm. Trance image; a waist high wolf, usually grey. Well built and well groomed with sharp piercing eyes.”

Thus, the healing on the physical level by eliminating the poison of methyl alcohol is accompanied by a healing of the Psyche. The Wolf is healed.

Dr. Monte’s conclusions are supported by the research and clinical experience many other top scientists like the late Dr. H. J. Roberts: (Here) and (Here).

Now, let us examine the Reversals in the T.V. New Zealand interview: Part 1: (Here) and Part 2: (Here) 

of the actress Abby Cormack: (Here)

and the Aspartame Industry spokesperson Dr. Bernadene Magnusun: (Here):

An interesting Reversal is made by the interviewer when he refers to Magnusun, whom he calls an “expert” – WHOSE VISIT IS FUNDED BY COCA-COLA!!! – who says that problems with the artificial sweetener aspartame “don’t exist”. The Reversal says, “Listen to it – Sweet Milk  .”: TVNZ- Listen to it sweet milk [ by an expert who says]

This is a somewhat enigmatic External Command Reversal. (This could also be an INTERNAL Command.)  What is “It”, the “Sweet Milk” we are directed to listen to? David John Oates’ Metaphor Dictionary provides the answer. The “Sweet Milk” clearly cannot be the toxic, methyl alcohol-laced aspartame. That makes no sense whatsoever. As we shall see below, the Metaphor “Milk” involves a HEALING PROCESS, and the ONLY healing process in the entire interview is THAT OF ABBY CORMACK! Thus, on an unconscious level, the interviewer recognizes the validity of what Abby Cormack says even as consciously – in his forward speech and actions (as, for example, where he rudely cuts off Abby in Part 2) – he is clearly aware of from where his bread is buttered.

Again, the Metaphor “Milk”:

MILK (Structural) nourishment; healing; nurturing; female energy; the essence of femininity. Trance image; milk

The metaphor “Milk” involves a HEALING PROCESS, NOURISHMENT, and NURTURING, FEMALE ENERGY. In both her Forward Speech and in her Reversals below, Abby Cormack reveals her sickness, then her healing process. Listen to “it”, the “Sweet Milk”! I believe that the interviewer’s “Listen to it – Sweet Milk” is a Leading Reversal which directs us – as well as the Industry-Funded Magnusun – to pay attention to what Abby Cormack has to say.

As with Dr. Monte, I found all of Abby Cormack’s Reversals to be congruent with her Forward Speech.

In Forward Speech, Abby describes how she got sicker and sicker when she was consuming aspartame. In Reverse, she says,”I was nervous a number a dates” TVNZ- I was nervous a number a dates [further an' I got sicker an' sicker]

However, when Abby stopped consuming products with aspartame, she got well: In her Reversal, Abby says, “I had result” : TVNZ- I had result [it wasn't there]

When Abby stopped consuming the methyl alcohol-laced aspartame, she could work again. In her Reversal, she says, “Work was no hassle.”: TVNZ- Work was no hassle [the psychological]

The congruence with Forward Speech that I found in Abby Cormack’s Reversals was in sharp contrast to those of Dr. Magnusun. In her Forward Speech, Magnusun says it is “unbelievable” that Abby Cormack’s grave condition greatly improved within 48 hours of ending consumption of aspartame-laced products. However, Magnusun says in Reverse,”All reveal-ed not – Eels have my mike”!: TVNZ- All reveal-ed not – Eels have my mike [Yeah, that's actually- unbelieveable]

David John Oates’ Metaphor Dictionary defines “Eel” thus:

EEL (Structural) slippery, smooth nature; easily avoids issues and personal responsibility; elusive; to cleverly deceive oneself; to be in denial. This is a tough metaphor to deal with as people who run it will usually ignore the advice of reversals and/or go into denial Trance image; an eel in ones path

Reverse Speech analysis of Abby Cormack indicates Truthfulness. The slippery Eels that have Dr. Magnusun’s mike show she has ulterior motives.

Conclusion: Revere Speech Technology is a powerful tool for those in Alternative Media who want to test the congruence of Reverse to Forward Speech – or lack thereof – of both those who dare to differ from the “mainstream” – as well as those in the “mainstream”. Reverse Speech Technology can make the world a better place. It can potentially save lives, as well as making the quality of life better. It can help each of us strengthen our Wolf, while avoiding slippery Eels. The study of Reverse Speech can synchronize our external actions with the deepest parts of our Inner Selves, thus helping us turn healing thoughts and desires into reality.

The She-Wolf at the top of this web site is a very powerful metaphor in Reverse Speech. David John Oates’ Metaphor Dictionary defines the She-Wolf thus:

SHE-WOLF (Structural) not to be confused with “Wolf”; a deep primordial part of Self; a part that has psychic abilities; to manifest; to create synchronicities; involved in the process of creation and turning our thoughts and desires into reality. Trance image; a large white wolf in a primordial forest

Music has for centuries been regarded as the “universal language”. David John Oates has discovered another universal language – Reverse Speech. Reverse Speech Metaphors are universal. It is no accident that people as far apart as the Mongols and the Native Americans both regarded the Wolf with reverence. It is no accident that the She-Wolf was the symbol for the founding of the mighty Roman Republic. It is no accident that today, expressions like – “He was a slippery, slimy EEL” and “the MILK of human kindness” – are used in our Forward Speech. The adventure of Reverse Speech is just beginning.