George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Reverse Speech Pioneer Greg Albrecht on the Sedona Dreams Show


11/09/13 First Hour: The Yin and Yang of Reverse and Forward  Speech: Speech Complementarity. Greg Albrecht: (Here)  – a pioneer of Reverse Speech –

discusses his work with the legendary discoverer of Reverse Speech, David John Oates, as well as his own contributions to the theory of Speech Complementarity: (Here)

 Second Hour: David John Oates – Metaphors in Reverse Speech:




Beyond All Reasonable Doubt: Reverse Speech Solves JonBenet Ramsey Case!










Sedona Dreams 11/02/13:

First Hour: Astrologer Rob Usher – The U.S. Natal Chart

Second Hour: David John Oates at his very best – Using Reverse Speech to crack tough criminal cases: 

Interview on Sedona Dreams archives 11/02/13: