How to live Usury-Free: George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Wayne Walton 12/28/13








Interview with Wayne Walton: How to establish a USURY-FREE Community:


The UsuryFree Jubilee Love Revolution: 10 Reasons why this is THE solution to cure what ails humanity and release its unlimited potential:

 UsuryFree Jubilee sacred economics is the path to manifest Heaven on Earth. It’s the vision for hope and victory over the money power. It’s the Love Revolution to replace fear and scarcity with abundance. The usuryFree Jubilee is the time-tested, prophet and philosopher approved solution to end usurpation by the cabal which Jesus called the “den of thieves”.

 Before we list the 10 Reasons; lets reverse several false hoods:

Tyrannic government is a SYMPTOM, not the root problem B. We DO NOT need to wait a long time C. We DO NOT need a majority. D. We don’t need to wait for a economic collapse E. Our common enemy or the Wizard is NOT all powerful. F. Our best days are NOT behind us. G. Voting for 3rd party candidates is NOT the solution.  H. Gold, silver, and Bitcoin are NOT the solution.

 Here are the 10 reasons why the usuryFree Jubilee Love Revolution will beat the banksters. Here I will list the specific problem and how usuryFree Jubilee monetary reform will solve it:

  1.  Problem: “Usury is the root of all evil”. Usury is the elite’s monopoly of money which permits them total spectrum dominance over humanity. Solution? The “have nots” issue their own usuryFree money.
  2. Problem: FRN’s, gold, silver, Bitcoin each require a fee in order to trade. Solution?usuryFree money, like barter, is free to issue and trade. Just like Tesla’s free energy.
  3. Problem: Everything the Tea Party, Occupy Wall St and the Ron Paul movements complain about can be traced back to “Usurpation”.  Solution?: Sovereignty is the opposite of usurpation. “Whoever issues money is the sovereign”. usuryFree money is issued by the “have-nots” so that we are all “sovereigns without subjects.
  4. Problem: With a tiny minority the  “money power” rewards the worst human values: division, materialism, corruption, force, violence, despair. Solution?:usuryFree money rewards the HIGHEST human values: unity, spirituality, integrity, peace and hope.
  5. Problem: Humanity is being warred upon as our food, water, air and minds are being poisoned. Our own commercial energy is harnessed through the money system to destroy all Creation. Solution?: usuryFree money: a. removes our commercial energy from the elite. b. harnesses our commercial energy for our own benefit.
  6. Problem: Humanity is in massive despair thinking that there is no way out.Solution?: “History repeats”: The usuryFree Jubilee is the exact same solution which our ancient ancestors used to emancipate themselves from the exact same financial tyranny we face today.
  7. Problem: Usury monetary parasitism is a terminal addiction. Eventually, our exponentially growing debts will consume all human and natural resources. Solution?:“As usury is fraud; Jubilee is Justice”.  Jubilee forgives phony debt and repatriates stolen land and assets to humanity.
  8. Problem: The international petro-dollar fuels corporate globalism and destroys local self-sufficiency. Solution?: usuryFree money is completely decentralized. It’s the organic solution to return “power to the people”.
  9. Problem: Humanity has been divided and conquered with debt slave pitted against debt slave. There are over 100 million Americans dependent on government checks. Alternatively, their are millions of Americans who are being stolen from via income and property taxes. Solution? The usuryFree Jubilee supports the NAP of the political right. Simultaneously, we will fund social and civil programs without violence. This will unite the right and left against their common enemy.
  10.  Problem: Money and other technologies are being used to destroy human potential. We are scheduled for depopulation and replacement by machines.Solution?: usuryFree money is backed by human commercial energy. As we issue money; we control money. Then, money and other technologies will be used as tools to emancipate human potential. Our unlimited creativity, passions and gifts will be unleashed. Imagine working in the vocation of your passion in a 15-20 week work year.

 Conclusion: The usuryFree Jubilee is the time-tested and life liberating solution to emancipate humanity.


Wayne Walton & Robyn Boyce: Think Local. Think Organic. — Enjoy Certified GMO-Free Smoothies purchased with Certified BUM-Free Currency

Wayne Walton & Robyn Boyce: Think Local. Think Organic. — Enjoy Certified GMO-Free Smoothies purchased with Certified BUM-Free Currency

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Interview of Wayne Walton & Robyn Boyce:

Part 1: How to enjoy Local, Organic, Certified GMO-Free (Genetically Modified Organism Free) Smoothies…

Part 2: …purchased with Local, Organic, Certified BUM-Free (Bankster Usury Matrix Free) Currency:

Hour Money is Our Money!

George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Tom UsuryFree Kennedy on the Sedona Dreams Show 12/21/13

227413_10150619338795637_4773632_n  Tom UsuryFree Kennedy discusses how you can break the chains of the Parasitic Debt-Money System, put money back into your Local Community rather than have it sucked into the Big Wall Street Banks, and establish your own Local Community Time Currency based on PRODUCTION, not DEBT:




   Click here:

   Tom’s Blog:  

   Sedona Dreams Show:   







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2. UsuryFree Power vs Usury Force

3. UsuryFree Time-Based Currency ? The Best Alternative Currency

4. The 9th Annual UsuryFree Week ? A Review

5. French point time system

Joe Mueller, Amy Trainer Invited to state their case on the Sedona Dreams show

Email sent to Joe Mueller: 


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Entire thread
George W. Berry  
Date: Thu, Dec 12, 2013 11:40 am
To: Joe Mueller
12/14/13 Update: Please let me know as soon as possible if you and/ or Amy can come on the show this Saturday, or I will have to schedule another guest. As I look back through the thread of this email exchange, I see that there is, in fact, an email for Amy – so I will send her a copy to invite her directly onto the show as well as you.   George
Hello, Joe. I have no email address for Amy Trainer, so I am inviting you & she – or anyone else on the environmental action committee – to be on this Saturday’s show. There is an old saying in law that if you have a witness who has not been cross examined, you have no witness. Please do not interpret every non softball question as taking sides. You started this exchange with the impolite statement: “I thought you might be interested in this article. Amazing you call yourself “alternative” radio and support such a massively profitable operation. I’m guessing that you’re alternative but in the extreme right. You, Rush and Bill O’Reilly should be proud to support such destruction.”
This is precisely the type of non scientific, polarized tactic that George Bush used to launch wars based upon a pack of lies when he said, “Either you’re with us – or you’re with the Terrorists”.
Can you, Amy, or anyone else provide scientific data which contradicts Dr. Corey Goodman’s statements that the 300,000+ pictures taken by the NPS showed no disturbance of the harbor seals by the DBOC, that there is – in fact – evidence that oysters were in Drakes Bay when all the shell middens are taken into account, and that the waters in Drake’s Bay are some of the cleanest in the whole Point Reyes area? In addition, can you provide any scientific data which proves that the waters of Drake’s Bay are less nutrient dense than other areas of Point Reyes, & that this is directly attributable to the Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm?  George

Protect Our Shoreline News is Outraged that the Sedona Dreams Show believes in Freedom of Speech for both sides of the Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm Controversy!

  Talk Show Host George Whitehurst Berry is now bearing the brunt of silly & childish Ad Hominem attacks for believing in Freedom of Speech. After interviewing Joe Mueller – a Marine Biologist at the College of Marin – twice, Dr. Corey Goodman was provided air time to present scientific evidence to rebut Joe Mueller’s statements. Joe Mueller was invited – on this and on multiple occasions thereafter – to come back on the Sedona Dreams show and have a Point-Counterpoint discussion with Dr. Goodman – and present any scientific evidence that could contradict any statement made by Dr. Goodman. Thus far, Joe Mueller has failed to do so: 

Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm Interviews on the Sedona Dreams & Financial News Network Shows

10/05/13 Kevin Lunny


10/11/13 Joe Mueller

10/12/13 Joe Mueller

10/18/13 Frances Newton (First Hour) Kevin Lunny (Second Hour)

10/19/13 Judith Jubb (First Hour) Dr. Corey Goodman (Second Hour)

10/25/13 Patricia Unterman  

10/26/13 Jane Gyorgy

12/07/13 Dr. Corey Goodman


Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm Controversy: Links to George Whitehurst Berry’s Sedona Dreams & Financial News Network Show Interviews

10/05/13 Organic Locavore Kevin Lunny on Sedona Dreams:  10/11/13 & 10/12/13 Joe Mueller responds to Kevin Lunny: 10/19/13 Dr. Corey Goodman on Sedona Dreams: 10/25/13 Patricia Unterman on FNN: 10/26/13 Jane Gyorgy on Sedona Dreams: 12/07/13 Dr. Corey Goodman on Sedona Dreams:





Will Joe Mueller Please Step Up To The Plate! George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Dr. Corey Goodman about the Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm – Joe Mueller Again Conspicuously Absent!

20130801_043442_homepage_Joe_Mueller_GALLERYJoe Mueller, professor of marine biology at Marin College, was again invited to appear on the Sedona Dreams show to present any scientific data which attempts to rebut or disprove any statements made by Dr. Corey Goodman about the the Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm, the ecology of Drake’s Bay, & the distortion, manipulation, & fabrication of data by the National Park Service:

Joe Mueller (above) was again conspicuously absent. The Emperor has no clothes!

 Dr. Corey Goodman:










George Whitehurst Berry interviews Dr. Corey Goodman on the Sedona Dreams show 12/07/13: