Ocean-Friendly Oyster ‘Sea Walls’ May Provide Cost-Effective Hurricane Defense







Here: http://www.accuweather.com/en/features/trend/oyster_reefs_sea_wall_hurricane_preparedness/27395759  

Rodriguez Lab: https://rodriguez.web.unc.edu/ 

Six surprising facts about oysters: http://www.rodalenews.com/benefits-eating-oysters-0

George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Dr. Arthur Ehlmann on the 5/17/14 Sedona Dreams Show









 Dr. Arthur Ehlmann’s Web Site:  http://geowww.geo.tcu.edu/faculty/ehlmann.html    

 From Dr. Ehlmann’s web site: “Dr. Ehlmann started his 35 year career in the Geology Department at Texas Christian University in the Fall of 1958. He now holds the title of Emeritus Professor of Geology at TCU. After retiring in the Spring of 1993, he continues his research on meteorites, primarily those in the extensive Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection held in the Geology Department.” 

Dr. Arthur Ehlmann is Curator of the Monnig Meteorite Gallery: http://monnigmuseum.tcu.edu/index.shtml

Two giants in the pioneering studies of Meteoritics were Oscar E. Monnig and H. H. (Harvey Harlow)  Nininger. During his distinguished career, Dr. Ehlmann knew both of them. Dr. Ehlmann shares with us his first-hand knowledge of these visionaries.  

To order the Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection Catalog: http://www.aerolite.orgnig-catalog.htm/mon


David John Oates is a Guest of Honor – Lectures on Reverse Speech before the British Psychological Society


  David discusses his lecture on Reverse Speech before the British Psychological Society on the second hour of the 5/10/14 Sedona Dreams Show. Our first hour Guest was ill and was unable to appear. Please skip forward to the second hour.


Photo of David John Oates © Sedona Dreams 2010