Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm Controversy: Links to George Whitehurst Berry’s Sedona Dreams & Financial News Network Show Interviews

10/05/13 Organic Locavore Kevin Lunny on Sedona Dreams: http://truthfrequencyradio.com/podcasts/sedonadreams/sedonadreams.2013-10-05.mp3  10/11/13 & 10/12/13 Joe Mueller responds to Kevin Lunny:  http://sedonadreams.com/?p=754 10/19/13 Dr. Corey Goodman on Sedona Dreams: http://sedonadreams.com/?p=645 10/25/13 Patricia Unterman on FNN: http://financialnewsnetwork.tv/?p=480 10/26/13 Jane Gyorgy on Sedona Dreams: http://sedonadreams.com/?p=811 12/07/13 Dr. Corey Goodman on Sedona Dreams: http://sedonadreams.com/?p=1027