Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm Interviews on the Sedona Dreams & Financial News Network Shows

10/05/13 Kevin Lunny


10/11/13 Joe Mueller


10/12/13 Joe Mueller


10/18/13 Frances Newton (First Hour) Kevin Lunny (Second Hour)


10/19/13 Judith Jubb (First Hour) Dr. Corey Goodman (Second Hour)

10/25/13 Patricia Unterman


10/26/13 Jane Gyorgy


12/07/13 Dr. Corey Goodman 



George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Jane Gyorgy and David John Oates on the Sedona Dreams Show

 th-39-1First Hour with Jane Gyorgy (oysterzone.org):

Jane Gyorgy separates fact from fiction in the government smear campaign to destroy the Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm: oysterzone.org provides a forum which reveals a shocking pattern of government misconduct and lies.

 Jane Gyorgy on the Sedona Dreams show 10/26/13: 

Second Hour with David John Oates (reversespeech.com): The Satanic Reversals: 





John McCain’s Satanic Reversal says, “Sell, Satan, Sell.”.