Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Arrested While Trying to Attend David Petraeus Event in New York

Does Petraeus fear the truth as much as Rumsfeld?   

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Green Libya’s Economic Miracle


George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora

George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora

George W. Berry   

Libya today is in shambles. Poverty, homelessness, and debt abound. There is no Libyan state – only fighting factions. The “government” was forced to leave Tripoli, and now find themselves in a luxury resort near the Egyptian border. Before being bombed to pieces, how did Green Libya’s Direct Democracy -  (That’s right – contrary to all the propaganda and unlike King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia,  – Gaddafi was NOT a dictator. – Read the GREEN BOOK.)  – transform the country from the lowest to the highest standard of living in all of Africa? In 2011, before NATO attacked, the UN’s H.D.I. (Human Development Index) rated the Libyan people’s standard of living as being higher than that of Russia and HIGHER THAN THAT OF SAUDI ARABIA! It wasn’t because of Libya’s oil. Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves dwarf those of Libya, and yet Green Libya’s H.D.I. was higher than Saudi Arabia’s (There is a huge gap between rich and poor in Saudi Arabia.) Libyan citizens were virtually debt-free and the Libyan government’s debt to G.D.P. ratio was among the lowest in the world. Education – including advanced education – was free to all Libyan citizens. Owning a home was regarded as a basic human right. Libya’s economic miracle was the result of Libya’s Usury-Free Public Central Bank.

The difference between PRIVATE Central Banks – like the Federal Reserve – and Usury-Free PUBLIC Central Banks – like the former Bank of Libya – is not taught in college Economics text books.  

When you know the difference, then you can understand Green Libya’s economic miracle. Here:                  

… and you can understand how this man was able to ride in the open air of Tripoli without a fraction of the protection afforded U.S. Presidents:

A Text Book Case of why it pays to read Mass Media Articles carefully

George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora

George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora

George W. Berry

Here is an article, the headline of which says, “Gaddafi family assets worth more than one billion Euros seized in Italy” :  

Yet when we read the text, it  says, “All the assets were held through Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, the Libyan Investment Authority, which was set up in 2006…”  

So does the headline match the text? Nowhere in the article could I find that any of the assets listed as seized were in a PERSONAL bank account of any Gaddafi family member! The article itself goes on to say, ” It was not immediately clear which of the assets belonged to Colonel Gaddafi, which to his son, Saif Al-Islam and which to his former head of intelligence…”

So just what exactly is going on here? What was Green Libya’s sovereign wealth fund – which the article says that ALL of the assets seized were held through? For the answer, click here:

George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Dr. Woodrow C. Monte and Andreas Moritz

George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora

George Whitehurst Berry and his manager Flora

The True Cause of Diseases of Civilization (DOC): MS, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, Skin & Breast Cancer, Autism, Etc. : George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Dr. Woodrow C. Monte: 

Cancer is NOT a Disease—It’s a SURVIVAL MECHANISM: George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Andreas Moritz:

George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Dr. Arthur Ehlmann on the 5/17/14 Sedona Dreams Show









 Dr. Arthur Ehlmann’s Web Site:    

 From Dr. Ehlmann’s web site: “Dr. Ehlmann started his 35 year career in the Geology Department at Texas Christian University in the Fall of 1958. He now holds the title of Emeritus Professor of Geology at TCU. After retiring in the Spring of 1993, he continues his research on meteorites, primarily those in the extensive Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection held in the Geology Department.” 

Dr. Arthur Ehlmann is Curator of the Monnig Meteorite Gallery:

Two giants in the pioneering studies of Meteoritics were Oscar E. Monnig and H. H. (Harvey Harlow)  Nininger. During his distinguished career, Dr. Ehlmann knew both of them. Dr. Ehlmann shares with us his first-hand knowledge of these visionaries.  

To order the Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection Catalog: http://www.aerolite.orgnig-catalog.htm/mon


David John Oates is a Guest of Honor – Lectures on Reverse Speech before the British Psychological Society


  David discusses his lecture on Reverse Speech before the British Psychological Society on the second hour of the 5/10/14 Sedona Dreams Show. Our first hour Guest was ill and was unable to appear. Please skip forward to the second hour.


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George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Derek Sears (First Hour) and David John Oates (Second Hour) on the 4/26/14 Sedona Dreams Show.








First Hour: Derek Sears is the owner and editor of Meteorite Magazine:   










Second Hour: David John Oates is the discoverer Reverse Speech:  



George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Sheldon Smith – Vice-President of CCGTCC – on the 4/12/14 Sedona Dreams Show







First Hour – Fine Art and Rare Coins are well known to the general public as superb long-term Collectibles. However, less well known is the phenomenal rise in interest in Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens. Discover a true Collector’s passion – driven by the love of the hobby, and uncorrupted by hoards of telemarketers. Sheldon Smith – Vice-President of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collector’s Club, Inc., discusses this exciting field.

Second Hour: David John Oates and Reverse Speech: How Reverse Speech can help you avoid business disasters and not miss out on profitable ventures.


George Whitehurst Berry Interviews Reverse Speech Practitioner Students Dina Patel and Ingrid Collins

First Hour: Reverse Speech Practitioner students Dina Patel and Ingrid Collins discuss some of the most interesting aspects of their studies of the theory and applications of Reverse Speech. Dina talks about how her personal experience with the effectiveness of RS Technology led her to the formal study of Reverse Speech. Ingrid is a Psychologist and Spiritual Healer. She reveals how Reverse Speech Technology goes beyond what is possible with traditional Psychology. Second Hour: David John Oates: John Kerry and John Mccain reversals: